The Derbyshire Paranormal Society

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  1. I think my house/business is haunted, what do I do?

    First of all, don't panic. It might not be! Always think rationally about what it could be before drawing the conclusion that it is paranormal. Could it be something and simple as the wind? Maybe even high EMFs causing adverse effects on your body and vision?

    If you are convinced otherwise though, give us a shout!

  2. I want an investigation, how much does it cost?

    Nothing to those in our cachment zone! To those outside of our zone we ask for a fuel donation.(This covers the team's journey to and from the location and for each member to get back home safely.)

  3. I want an investigation, how do I go about it?

    First things first, are you sure?

    Secondly, just send us a booking, or give us a call! and we will arrange a date and time convenient for you. It's as easy as that.

  4. What time of day will you do your investigations?

    We will do an initial baseline sweep of the area as soon as you are comfortable. If it is a place of business, this will be done once the premises are closed for the day.

    The investigation, however, will be done at night. Usually after midnight until it starts to get light.

  5. Can I stay when you are investigating?

    Of course. As long as you don't interfere with our equipment or hinder the investigation, it's fine. You can even join in asking questions, as the entity may know you, should there be one present.

  6. My house is booked for an investigation, but my kids have school the following morning. Will you still investigate with us all in?

    Yes. Although it isn't ideal, it's fine. Let the kids go to bed and we will begin when they are asleep and ensure our team members are as careful as possible. All we ask is that the members of the family who are awake stay in one room at all times unless participating.

  7. I need to cancel an investigation, what are your policies?

    We accept cancellations all the way up to 24 hours before. After 24 hours, we cannot cancel unless it is a dire emergency due to time slots, equipment loading, time sheets, car prep and so on.

  8. Will you investigate my friends house/business?

    We will investigate anywhere, so long as the owner/manager gives us permission.

  9. What places will you investigate?

    • Private Homes/Flats/Studios/Etc
    • Pubs/Bars/Clubs
    • Offices
    • Theatres/Cinemas
    • Hotels
    • Castles
    • Churches/Chapels/Etc
    • Rectories
    • Abbeys
    • Ruins
    • Cemeteries
    • Shops
    • Zoos/Safari Parks
    • Parks
    • Woods/Forests
  10. What places will you NOT investigate?

    • Places who do not give us written consent
    • Underwater
  11. What will I as a client get out of an investigation?

    1. Peace of mind
    2. An info pack containing details of our company (Public liability info and such) and our team (Particularly info on their clean criminal records etc.), as well as tips and hints on what to do should you get worried by the activity when we are not there.
    3. An evidence review the following weekend with any photographs printed out, footage on memory stick, and evps on memory stick. (If evidence is found.)
    4. Helpful advice on what to do next.
  12. What if you find nothing, but I still get activity?

    If we find nothing, it just means that we were unlucky, or that there is genuinely nothing to catch. We will do readings on normal things as well, so if it's actually a regular issue (Like faulty wiring) we can advise you on how to fix it.

    And remember: If you are worried, we are only a phonecall away!

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