The Derbyshire Paranormal Society

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An account of our investigations.

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SITE NOTICE: Membership To Site

Posted by Rachel Prince on April 29, 2016 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

This is just a notice to all people who have joined up to this website as a member.


  1. Membership to this site is purely to keep up to date on news. JOINING DOES NOT MAKE YOU A DPS TEAM MEMBER!
  2. Anyone found claiming to be a member of the Derbyshire Paranormal Society because of joining the site as a member or otherwise will have their account terminated and will be banned from accessing the site entirely
  3. Membership is free and always will be. If you get a message or email from anyone demanding payment of any kind, report it and block them. We do not charge to join this site.

Now Fully Booked

Posted by Rachel Prince on October 14, 2015 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

We are now fully booked until the end of February 2016.

Team Openings

Posted by Rachel Prince on July 29, 2014 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Co-founder/Team Leader: Rachel Prince

Co-founder: Julie Prince

Transport/Equipment Co-ordinator: Terry Hunt

Team Member: LJ Warwick


SORRY! We are not currently accepting new members!

Keep your eye on this section for updates!

Recruitment Terms

Posted by Rachel Prince on July 29, 2014 at 10:35 AM

New Members Rules Guidelines & Critera

Last Updated Jun 2014

All prospective members must fit the following criteria:

●Must be over 18

●No criminal record

●Agree to an initial meet up with 2 or more team members and go through a 3 investigation trial period should they meet the criteria

●Must be willing to dedicate their time as and when required (When assignments arise)

●Full clean driver's license or ability/willingness to travel to any location required

●Must be willing to share transport duties with assigned drivers

●Must have a least one piece of personal equipment (Digital camera, Camcorder, EMF meter, K-II meter, Ovilus, Spirit Box, Digital Recorder, Laser Grid, Infrared Thermometer, Infrared Camera)

●Must not be a medium or psychic

●Must not be affiliated with any other paranormal groups or teams ●Must be fit, or able to spend hours on their feet at ungodly hours without risk to health

●Must not have asthma, or other respiratory diseases (If you do, you will be required to wear a mask and carry medication with you at all times), health conditions that could get worse during investigations due to standing, climbing, carrying/holding/using/transporting equipment, dust, dirst, mold or any other elements - Due to these being mentioned prior to joining we do not accept responsibility for any health issues that may be effected during investigations

●Must not use our name, logo, etc for any personal monetary gain

●Agrees that all investigation booking must go through the two team leaders before being booked Derbyshire Paranormal Society is entirely voluntary.

As a member you accept that you are aware that you will not receive any monetary compensation or wages by participating in investigations, doing research or travel to and from investigation sites/team meetings/etc. You also accept and agree that any and all donations go towards the maintenance of existing equipment or the purchase of new equipment. New equipment must be discussed and agreed upon by the entire team and only purchased by our team accountant upon agreement. If you take it upon yourself to buy new equipment you agree and accept that you will not be reimbursed partially or in full for that purchase and maintenance or replacement is your responsibility. Should you be willing to share that piece of equipment a contract of ownership will be required to add to our files and permission by yourself given in writing.

You may be required to assist in the transport of team members or equipment at any point.

Investigations can be a mixed bag and locations and situations vary greatly. Our investigations are always on weekends due to our team members having day jobs and usually begin at 10PM and go on through till 5am, so this is not for everyone.

Locations can also range from private houses and businesses to dirty, dusty abandoned buildings which can be dangerous for anyone with existing health issues.

We run all year but have team birthdays and December off for the Christmas period.

Anyone willing to join that fits our criteria must be willing to attend investigations and we run a 3 strike policy. Should you not attend 3 investigations in a row you will be cut from the team. No exceptions. We also require at least 24 hours notice should you be unable to attend. All potential team members will go through a 3 investigation trial period should they fit the initial criteria.

We reserve the right to refuse any potential member should we feel they do not fit within our team, do not fit our ideals and outlok, do not meet our rules/expectations, or act inappropriately/rudely/unprofessionally.

Potential members also agree to our policy of keeping the teams outlook on reported paranormal activity sceptical. We go into investigations to disprove hauntings and assist with any actual issues we find. This can range from high EMFs, bad pipe work, faulty wiring, etc. The reason we do this is so any evidence we capture that cannot be explained is more viable. As such, we do not use, collaborate, or gather advice or information from psychics or mediums. All investigations must be dealt with professionally and from a sceptical point of view.

If you agree with all of this or wish to reply in-depth, please contact our co-founder and team leader at [email protected]